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We provide three fixed price service packages from our 6 bay state of the art garage. If you want, you are welcome into our workshop so that our technicians can show you any faults on your vehicle, whilst it on our ramps.
  • Standard Service – from  £129.95 inc*
  • Premium Service – from  £165.00 inc*
  • Major Service – from £195.00 inc*

All of our service packages are extremely comprehensive, please see our Service Plans below.

All prices include parts, labour and VAT. All work comes with a 1 Year Guarantee or 10,000 Miles, whichever comes first . * Some vehicles require long-life high performance spark plugs and oil and may incure a small adittional cost – please call for a quote.

Is your Car still under warranty?

With the introduction of new legislation, JTT Autotech can service your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer without invalidating your warranty. We service all makes of light vehicles in line with manufacturers specifications. Please fill out and submit the booking form below and we will get back to you with a confirmed booking time.

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Our “All Makes Service” Plan schedule

Here is our "All Makes Service Plan". You can see exactly what we cover in our Standard, Premium and Major services.
Standard Premium Major Standard Premium Major

Inside the Vehicle


Under the Vehicle

Check seat belt operation Y Y Renew engine oil and oil filter Y Y Y
Check operation of horn Y Y Y Check transmission levels Y Y Y
Check operation of multi function switches Y Y Y Top-up transmission levels Y Y Y
Check operation of wipers and washers Y Y Y

Check and top up axle level

Lubricate door hinges Y Y Y Check brake/fluid lines for leaks Y Y Y
Check door lock operation Y Y Y Remove all wheels and inspect brakes Y Y Y

Under the Bonnet

      Visually check steering for damage and gators for leaks Y Y Y
Check and top up washer bottle Y Y Y Check suspension for damage and wear, gators and ball joints for security Y Y Y
Check radiator coolant level Y Y Y Check general condition of underbody Y Y Y
Check antifreeze content Y Y Y Check for fluid leakage Y Y Y
Check condition of radiator and hoses Y Y Y Check exhaust/catalyst for condition Y Y Y
Check tension and condition of fan belts Y Y Y Check condition and inflation of tyres including spare Y Y Y
Check battery condition Y Y Y Check wheel bolts for tightness Y Y Y
Check brake fluid level Y Y Y

Additional Service items

Check P.A.S. fluid level Y Y Y Brake fluid change      
Renew spark plugs Y Y Y Anti freeze change      
Renew air filter element Y Y Y Cambelt change      
Check fuel filter for water (diesel only) Y Y Y Pollen filter change      
Check condition of emission filter Y Y Y Fuel filter change      
Visually check for electrical wiring security, correct routing and evidence of damage Y Y Y

Road Test

Check level of air conditioning refridgerant Y Y Y Check for clutch operation Y Y Y
Check condition of H.T. leads/rotot arm and distributor cap Y Y Y Check gearbox operation auto/manual Y Y Y
        Check choke operation Y Y Y
        Check indicator self cancelling Y Y Y

After road Test

        Check levels including gearbox Y Y Y
        Check for any fluid leaks Y Y Y
        Fix next service due sticker Y Y Y